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A New Face in the Store...Meet Chef Jenni



I can't remember a time when I wasn't fascinated by food. Fish, berries and wild rice were bountiful in the boreal forests and lakes of Northern Saskatchewan, where I spent my childhood. Blueberries surrounded our home north of La Ronge, free for the picking and pie making! Visits to friends' trap lines yielded valuable teachings on edible plants and forest products. 

A four year stint as a ski hill employee, live in nanny and summer time fresh fruit vendor in Jasper, Alberta provided experience living on a tight budget, cooking for the diverse dietary needs of a family and appreciating the relationship between growers and consumers. 

Saskatchewan drew me back as the best place to raise a young family. For extra income and to satisfy my love of cooking, I sold soup and baked goods at the Prince Albert Farmer's Market, often with a baby on my back or in the stroller. 

In 2005, I opened a New Ground Cafe in the small farming community of Birch Hills, serving fair trade coffee and sourcing local ingredients for dishes with global flavour. The producers were my friends, neighbours and customers. 

Sask Made Marketplace became my "go to" place to for local ingredients once I moved to Saskatoon to start Chef Jenni Cuisine in 2012. The friendly, knowledgeable staff are always a bright spot in my busy catering day. 

I'm so happy to have joined the Sask Made team as culinary consultant. Come say hi and I'll try not to talk your ear off about what you can create in the kitchen with our incredible selection of produce, meats and other pantry items! 



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