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The final stretch!

It's time for our FINAL monthly draw, last chance to enter! It has been a fantastic year of creating these prize packs and showcasing local businesses. So one last time - follow the link and enter to win a perfect "Sunday morning coffee" prize pack.

Included are 2 handmade mugs, a bag of locally roasted coffee as well as a $40 gift certificate to Nutana Bakery. 

Click HERE to enter our giveaway. 

Click HERE to browse the SaskMade store! See what other Saskatchewan products we proudly sell.

Next month will be the GRAND PRIZE DRAW worth about $1100 of local goodies - a duplicate of every prize pack we have given away in the past year - all going to ONE lucky person. Everyone who has entered throughout the past year is eligible. Prize will drawn at random! Good luck!


By Carol, on

Would love to win this!

By Edith Stirrett, on

Would love to win this, coffee, coffee mugs & a gift certificate to a bakery. Bliss!

By Christina, on

I love lentils but have always made them boiled and cooked with vegetables… but a friend from Michigan who now lives in Uruguay, South America, (GO FIGURE!) sent me some of her recipes and the website address and I have been trying them. I became a fan inmediately and as we are so close (I live in mid-Michigan) I may come for a visit in the summer… and stock up on my favourites. Hmmm… that wouldn’t be SMUGGLING, eh?

By Ruth , on

Shopping and buying local is so vitally important to our local economy. Next time you are on holidays, decide not to eat or shop at any chain restaurants or stores, even for coffee. There are so many wonderful local businesses everywhere you go!

By Katie Edwards, on

I love this prize more than any of the others so far. My husband has a coffee addiction, and I can’t get enough of the doughnuts from Nutana Bakery!

By Annie , on

Thank you for the opportunity!

By MaryLou, on

Would love to win the giveaway! Good luck at the SABEX Awards!

By Darci McLashen , on

What an awesome prize! Dropped a a beautiful pottery mug I had purchased at Sundog 15 years ago. Looking to replace. And who doesn’t like the homemade donuts and pies at Nutana on Broadway ? And full bodied coffee to accompany those sweets… heaven !

By MJ Schryer, on

Love this place have been a customer for many many years

By Leona Garman, on

Would love some of this stuff.

By Lori Lehner, on

I would love to win!

By Sherri Banks, on

Another wonderful giveaway! Thanks!!

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