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Art Within Concrete

Art within Concrete is owned and operated by Larry and Donna Riggall.

We are a retired couple living in Elbow, Saskatchewan and began producing concrete products in 2010 with 10 items, which has grown to nearly 100 items. We both cast and finish product. Larry, who has some previous experience with making molds, assumes that responsibility. This enables us to produce items all winter long. I do the painting.

Initially each item was cast from an actual leaf and, after the cleaning (filing and sanding)  was completed, a rubber mold was made. Eventually a few molds were made from decorative glass bowls that we thought eye-catching. Recently we have purchased molds to add to our collection. What began as a hobby has expanded. Retirement as we first knew it has definitely changed.

Not only are our eyes watching for something that would look good cast in concrete and add to our product line but also we have "scouts" who bring us objects or leaves asking whether we'd be interested in using them. A friend once asked if we ever tired of those offers - never was the response.

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