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Ulivit Bar


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  • ulivit bars are based on nutrient dense, sustainable protein packed Saskatchewan plant based pulses

  • pulses have been clinically shown to reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, obesity & some cancers

  • pulses are very high in protein, fibre & antioxidants, as well as a significant source of iron, zinc, folate, thiamin, niacin, potassium & magnesium but still low in fat, gluten free; sodium free & cholesterol-free

  • ulivit bars are low on the glycemic index which keeps you full for longer

  • we use Saskatoon berries which are 3x higher in antioxidants than blueberries

  • contain heart healthy omega 3 & 6's  from good fats in our almonds, pumpkin & flax seeds

  • cold pressed, organic, fair trade coconut oil for scores of skin & nutritional benefits

  • beegan (vegan with pure prairie honey)

  • best of all, ulivit bars are naturally delicious!


  • working with local farmers to source our Saskatoon berries, lentils, pea protein, chickpeas, prairie honey, flax seeds, quinoa & gluten free oats

  • one of the largest pulse growers, Saskatchewan is at the heart of the pulse industry, second only to India


  • no artificial ingredients or preservatives

  • whole foods including lentils, chickpeas, flax seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, pure prairie honey & Canadian maple syrup

  • we only use natural sweeteners such as honey, Canadian maple syrup & Saskatoon berries


  • pulses are one of the most environmentally-friendly & sustainable sources of protein in the world, which is why the United Nations announced the International Year of Pulses

  • this is why the UN is on a global mission to get us to eat more pulses & why our ulivit bars are filled with them

  • pulses reduce the amount of Greenhouse Gas emissions - they use about half the total fossil fuel of other field crops because they create their own nitrogen

  • pulses have a very low water footprint. By comparison, the water footprints to produce a kilogram of beef, pork, chicken and soybeans are 43, 18, 11 and 5 times higher

  • ulivit bars are gluten free, palm oil free, soy free, dairy free, whey free, & free of refined sugars


  • don't just feel good about what you are eating, feel good about what you are throwing away... ulivit bar packaging is 100% compostable and will completely return to the earth within 180 days

  • only bar in North America with completely compostable packaging

ulivit bar anyone?!

it's all good.

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