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Over the Hill Orchards - Organic Prairie Cherry Splash


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Developed over 70 years, the University of Saskatchewan’s Dwarf Sour Cherries (we like to call, Prairie Cherries™) have become a sensation on the prairies. They have incredible tart cherry flavour, and beautiful dark coloured juice.  Sour cherries have very high anti-oxidant levels, and many of our customers have told us they use it to treat Gout, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and a host of other ailments. Sour cherry juice is a source of Melatonin, and new research has shown that drinking sour cherry juice helps weight training athletes recover from intense workouts. Our Prairie Cherry™ Splash has wonderful flavour (like drinking a cherry pie!), and our ingredients are Certified Organic; what can be better than that?

Please note that since we don’t use preservatives, it is recommended that the product be consumed within one week of opening, kept in a refrigerator.


Over the Hill Orchards

We have always been fruit lovers; Dean's earliest memories are of picking Saskatoon berries. Sylvia remembers wading through the river to get to the wild blueberry patch up north. But...[READ MORE HERE]

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