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Road Coffee Co. - Medium Roast Coffee Beans (1 lb)


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We believe that great coffee starts with the highest quality of green beans. By the time we receive those green beans, famers and processors have already put in countless amount of labor and love to ensure we receive an excellent product.

Our job is to bring coffee into that last stage before it is brewed for serving. It’s a pivotal part of the journey, where we bring out the best flavours from each coffee by discovering the perfect roast for each variety of bean we work with.

Roasting coffee is a personal process, which requires patience, dedication, risk and a willingness to learn. Artisan roasting is a combination of using your senses, experience, and intuition, it’s a journey that never ends and never grows old. The adventure of creating a great cup of coffee is what reminds us that dreams are worth pursuing. 

Road Coffee Co.

The inspiration for starting Saskatoon, SK's Road Coffee came to Alisha Esmail as a child. Alisha has always had a passion for fair trade and giving business people an honest price for their goods and services. At Road Coffee Co. we define success by doing what we love. We've made it our mission to become an influential innovator in coffee culture, known for our focus on relationships and inspiring people to pursue their dreams.


road coffee co

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