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Lily in the Loft - by Carol L. MacKay (Your Nickel's Worth Publishing)


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Frances loved the loft. She sat near the hay door with her notebook and pencil and scribbled poems and stories.

Lily in the Loft tells the story of an aspiring writer, Frances, and her hopes of being published in a Canadian farm newspaper. Based on the experiences of the book's author, Carol MacKay, this story highlights an important piece of creative history in the Canadian Prairies. An appendix informs readers of the significance of the Young Co-operators' Club section of The Western Producer farming newspaper. From 1927 to 1994, this section encouraged young Canadian writers, especially those in the Prairies, and allowed them to connect with other children by seeing their creative works in print.

As a child, MacKay submitted writing to the Young Co-operators' Club, or YC Club, from her home in Ryley, AB, a village east of Edmonton. Like her character Frances, MacKay wrote under a pseudonym, although hers was "Peppermint Patty" rather than "Lily in the Loft". In the story, Frances is encouraged to write by her Aunt Margaret who supplies her with notebooks and shows her the YC Club section of the newspaper.

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