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Moose in a Maple Tree - by Troy Townsin (Sandhill Book Marketing)


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A Moose in a Maple Tree is a must-have for children, tourists, Canadians living abroad and anyone who is looking forward to a white Christmas in this wonderful country. This beautifully illustrated, durable, glossy picture book has been entirely printed and produced in Canada, and has been nominated for the Lieutenant Governor Generals Award for Children's illustrations.

A Moose in a Maple Tree captures the imagination of readers with its quirky twist on the original Christmas classic while providing visually exciting stimuli that surprise and delight readers. The book can be sung or read aloud and is designed as a learning tool that will instigate discussion about all things Canadian. With Canadian icons, animals and activities this fun story is all set to become a year-round favourite.

Sandhill Book Marketing

Sandhill Book Marketing Ltd. is a trade book distribution company established in 1984 and has since grown to become the most recognized supplier of non-fiction single title and independently published Canadian books in the industry. 

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