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There's What in My What??? - by Cherry Staszczak (Benchmark Press)


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Formaldehyde? Industrial cleaners? Fire retardants? These are not substances one expects to find in hand lotion or nail polish. Yet, there they are.

Decreased sperm count? Increasing numbers of testicular cancer? Toxins in cord blood of newborns? Not anything one considers when purchasing shampoo, but the potential side effects are there.

GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)? Not a rule one expects to be regulating the personal care products companies. Yet, it is one of the U.S. FDA’s guidelines for the industry. How safe does that make you feel… generally? All these and more are discussed within these covers.

With a light-hearted tone, Cherry Staszczak faces the overwhelming and controversial topic of toxic chemicals in the highly unregulated personal care products industry. Garnering snippets of key information from credible sources, she compiles facts and figures into a manageable form that is easy to read, easy to use and easy to apply to everyday life. Sometimes earnest, sometimes humourous, Cherry offers us ways to get past the rhetoric and find safer, non-toxic options.
Knowledge is power.

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