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Chatty's Indian Spices

Like all sound entrepreneurs, Arati Chattopadhyay started off with a good idea and through hard work, turned her dream into reality.

Arati, known as Chatty to her friends, has turned her wizardry in the family kitchen into a business opportunity, using her cooking skills to create a variety of curry spices to liven up dishes prepared by home cooks.

"For me, I don't think of my business as selling stuff. It is my passion. I love my business.”

Chattopadhyay started Chatty's Indian Spices in 1996. The business was dedicated to mixing, packaging, labelling, and selling spices used to prepare East Indian food. She decided to market the blended spices to allow consumers to cook and enjoy East Indian food without having to buy all the spices used to prepare it.

"Some of my recipes called for as many as 30 different spices that needed to be used in a single dish. It would have proved very difficult for the individual who had little experience with Indian food to manage to find and use that many spices. It seemed sensible that pre-packaged spices would present people with the opportunity to cook authentic Indian-style food fairly easily."

Specializing in her native East Indian cuisine, Arati’s blends of spices are high quality, with no MSG. She offers a unique blend of East Indian gourmet spices for the first-time cook or the experienced connoisseur of Indian food. An innovative product for consumers, the company offers three different mixes requiring only yogurt and onion to produce exotic, time honoured tastes. Serve the chutneys with bacon sandwiches, grilled meats, sausages, samosas, pakoras and toutiere. You can even try the Tomato Chutney as an ice cream topping! No colours or artificial preservatives, just spices.

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