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Daybreak Mill grows, cleans, mills and processes a large variety of organic grains, flours and cereals. Our goal is to feel soil and plants with organic amendments to create nutrient dense products. Grain is cleaned to 99.9% standards of purity. We package in bulk, bags or totes, or small individual packages.

Our flours and cereals are made from only the finest grains. Our flour is slowly stoneground on a series of stone mills for low heat, and then put through several sifters to emulsify oils and germ back into the product.

At Daybreak Mill we produce, process and package our products without any chemical fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide, fumigant or preservatives. None of our grains are dessicated or genetically modified. Through our growth process we build and maintain organic matter and increase micro-organism populations in the soil through crop residue, careful crop rotation and the use of legume and organic amendments.

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