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Running of the Buffalo - by Ron Petrie (DriverWorks Ink)


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By Ron Petrie (Regina Leader-Post Humour Columnist)

Illustrated by Guy Laird

What's the most important thing to remember when making pepper steak? Can a man ever possibly accomplish the task of changing all three diapers of his triplets in one evening? What is the perfect age to learn how to drive in Saskatchewan? Can a person actually lose weight on a mini-Oh Henry Halloween diet? And is it possible to attend the Grey Cup in Regina and not end up loving everybody?

Running of the Buffalo is a hilarious collection of 70 columns written by the late Ron Petrie, humour columnist for the Regina Leader-Post. Knowing diddly doots about many things, Ron spent 20 years poking fun at relationships, sex, sports, parenthood, aging and all things related to growing up in Saskatchewan. A man for all seasons, outstanding in his field, Ron Petrie’s unique view of the world will make you giggle, guffaw, chortle and snort.

DriverWorks Ink

DriverWorks Ink specializes in publishing inspiring, true stories about Saskatchewan and Prairie people and unsung Canadian heroes, written by Saskatchewan and Prairie authors. Our books include genres of non-fiction, fiction, humour, poetry, spiritual wellness, and more.


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