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Floating Gardens Greenhouse - Herbs: Basil

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Fresh basil has an initial subtle peppery flavour. The taste then evolves into a slightly sweet, aromatic flavour. When cooking with basil it should be added at the end of cooking. Heat removes the flavour and if cooked for too long can result in bitterness. Blend it into garlic-y pestos, sprinkle it over grilled pizzas, and toss whole leaves into fresh salads. It's hard to find a summer dish that isn't improved by a handful of this bright, fragrant herb.

Floating Gardens Greenhouse

Floating Gardens has been serving Saskatchewan's fresh produce needs since 2008. Rachel and Chris are a sister and brother who grew up on a farm near Osler, SK. They decided to move home to Saskatchewan to start a unique farm that grows fish and plants together in order to grow hydroponic produce without artificial chemicals.


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