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Everyday Farms - Frozen Tart Cherries (700 g)

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Everyday Farms - Aunt Mary's Individually Frozen Tart Cherries

Frozen prairie grown tart cherries that can be used all year round!

Take a step towards healthier eating everyday with Aunt Mary's Tart Cherries. Our cherries contain no additives - not even water - just 100% intensely flavourful berries. These cherries are packaged at Everyday Farms, a group of prairie fruit growers who enjoy what they do EVERYDAY!

*may contain pits

This product can be purchased in store only.

Everyday Farms

Everyday Farms was formed by a group of 9 Saskatchewan Tart Cherry growers to produce local tart cherry products to share with Canadian consumers. These growers are located across the province from...[READ MORE HERE]

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