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Flax to Go - Premium Wellness Bar (50g)


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Flax to Go™ is a tasty, premium wellness bar that incorporates ground whole flaxseed as its main ingredient and is high in fibre.

It offers a natural approach to healthy, benefit-oriented eating, and is an easy, convenient option for people interested in taking responsibility for their health.

Each 50g Flax to Go™ bar includes:

  • 21.5g (Over 2 Tbsp) of golden flax - 
  • Over 50% of the daily amount of ground whole flaxseed shown to help lower cholesterol levels;
  • 5g of omega-3 fatty acid – An essential fatty acid that has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • 7g of total fibre – A combination of both soluble and insoluble fibre that provides a variety of health benefits;
  • And it's naturally gluten-free – Ideal for people with celiac or non-celiac sensitivity.


Flax to Go

Flax to Go was developed by Kelli Skwark, who has been a strong proponent of flax consumption and its associated health benefits throughout her 20-year nutrition counselling career. Kelli now focuses on the development of functional food products that deliver recognized health benefits to consumers.


flax to go

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