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Linda Boyle created her toffee mostly at Christmas time to give to friends and family. It was loved by all who tasted it. The crunchy, buttery toffee was coated with the best milk chocolate and devoured with the loudest mmmm's. 

Gary, Linda's husband, is an artist and sold his work at many craft markets. Linda accompanied him to her first craft fair in 1994 and saw some food booths selling their creations. Linda, at that moment decided she too could sell her toffee in the same way. Linda Marie's Gourmet Toffee was born in 1996 and has been growing since. You can find her and her family at most craft sales in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 

Her children have been home schooled; creating the toffee and selling it has been a big part of their education. 

The company has added a rum flavour to their original toffee, which for the rum lover is delicious. Linda loved peppermint patties as a kid, but was disappointed at the ones she could buy as an adult. They just didn't taste the same! So what does a candy maker do? Makes her own. 

Her peppermint patties are made with pure peppermint oil and the best dark chocolate out there. They melt in your mouth. In 2013 they added two new pattie flavours, orange and mocha. One must try them to appreciate the texture and flavour. 

Name Your Nuts was a company Linda and Gary created because they saw an opportunity to expand in a slightly different snack food than toffee. They roast and flavour the nuts themselves and package them in a nice clear cone bag. The also name the bag of nuts to personalize it as a gift ex: Norm's Numb Nuts or Linda is Nuts About Shopping. The tag is twist tied to the bag with whatever the customer wants written on it. An added bonus to a funny gift... the nuts taste amazing! They have 5 different kinds to choose from and not all are sweet, some are savory.  

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