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MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.

All companies (all people) have their stories (that is why people get into the book business, right?). Our story at MacIntyre Purcell Publishing (MPP Inc.) began in 2004. John MacIntyre had just finished a two-book contract with an American publishing company, and he was canvassing around for the next project. That project turned out to be the Nova Scotia Book of Everything.

The Nova Scotia Book of Everything not only became the bestselling local title that year, it became the bestselling title three years running. What followed next was the Book of Everything series, featuring destinations across Canada (fifteen in total), all of them bestsellers. In 2009, the series was launched in the U.S. under the title 101, as in Minnesota 101.

It was always part of the plan at MPP to launch into a broad spectrum of genres. In 2011, MPP Inc. published its first children's books as well as three titles of non-fiction. There were simply some books presented by writers either known to or discovered by us that created that feeling of excitement. Those books took us down different paths, paths we are very glad we travelled.

We have gone on to launch another series in You Might Be From that all started with two Saskatchewan lads, a gag writer and illustrator.

We like ideas, writers and good writing. And that will always be the case. What determines what books are published by us really is defined by the quality of the proposal and the opportunity it represents.

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