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Wildly Delicious - Seasoning: Canada Beer Can Chicken (30 g)


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Pre heat grill/oven to 350°f (180°c). Coat chicken lightly with oil. Rub 2 tbsp. (20g) of seasoning over chicken. Add 1 tsp (4g) of seasoning into a can of beer. Insert beer can into chicken cavity and place into beer can roaster. BBQ or roast until the breast and thigh reach 180°f (82°C). Remove from heat and let stand 10 mins before carefully removing the can. Serve warm. Enjoy!

Unit Size: 30 g, 1.1 oz

INGREDIENTS: Sea salt, garlic powder, black pepper, mustard flour, sage, oregano, thyme.

• Contains: mustard. May contain milk, tree nuts, wheat, soy, sesame, sulphites.
• Made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients

Wildly Delicious

In the past two decades we have seen our share of some huge successes and some really spectacular failures but more importantly, we have learned so much about something that is so fundamental to our basic existence – food. 


wildly delicious