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Pickles you mama don't make. A fresh twist on traditional canned goods with an urban flair.

In 2011, Johwanna enjoyed the process of canning so much, that she canceled her cable TV, got a certificate in canning from the University of Georgia online and pickled and preserved until she had so much produce she didn’t know what to do with it. That is when Mojo Jojo was born. Johwanna sold over 2000 hand packed jars to hungry Edmontonians in her first year! That speaks to her creativity and adventurous palate as she takes local ingredients and transforms them into fantastic concoctions.

She offers a modern twist on a traditional product. Her spice blends are inspired by global flavours: her whims and culinary travels. Although each pickle and preserve is familiar, she strives to make produce something “your momma don’t make”! So next time you are thinking about a snack, grab a bag of Mojo Jojo organic pickled carrots/beets!

mojo jojo pickles and preserves

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