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I built my first brick oven in 2005 with some friends while living in Montreal, Quebec.  We used bricks from a dumpster, convinced a cement company to donate the cement, and built it in a public park with support of the neighbours but perhaps less from the city.

The oven we use everyday at the bakery is a fair bit more complicated and a lot bigger than that first one I built or those others since. But essentially it works the same way. Fire makes bricks hot, bricks then bake bread.

That sort of simplicity is how we approach baking at The Night Oven in Saskatoon, SK. We start with organic, seasonal ingredients from local producers. Then craft our breads and pastries by hand and use care plus time to create what we believe to be exceptional products. Everyday.




We source grain from organic Saskatchewan farmers and mill our wholegrain flours right at the bakery. Our bread and pastries showcase a variety of heritage grains – red fife wheat, purple wheat, spelt, dark buckwheat, khorasan, einkorn and rye.  All grains we mill are organic and grown in Saskatchewan.


We believe in real bread.

Bread that is made by hand using basic and the most fresh ingredients possible.  Our bread begins with flour, water, and salt. The dough is then proofed for upwards of 24hrs allowing for a deep richness of flavour and dynamic enzymic activity. It is then shaped and baked in a hot wood fired oven.

night oven

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