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Northern Wild Fishery

Fishing formed a large part of the way our community traditionally fed and sustained its members, for many generations.

Our company is based Wollaston Lake, SK, a Densuline First Nation community on the shores of Wollaston Lake in Saskatchewan’s far north-east. The community began to form in 1956 when the provincial government built a fish plant there and encouraged members of the Hatchet Lake Densuline First Nation to fish commercially and work in the plant. In 1959 the provincial Co-operative Fisheries Ltd. was formed and took over operation of the plant.

By the late 1960s the Co-operative Fisheries Ltd was taken over by the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corp. who closed the processing operation and shipped the fish to Winnipeg for processing. The difficulties of keeping fish fresh during the long haul to Winnipeg, coupled with the loss of a provincial freight subsidy, reduced the Wollaston fishery to a few individuals hauling fish south in pick- up trucks.

However, with traditional knowledge, experienced fishermen, access to plenty of fish, a need for jobs in the region, and visitors consistently saying how our fish tasted better than any they’d ever had, it was only a matter of time before the idea to revive fish processing in Wollaston under local ownership came up. Northern Wild Fishery was born.

We pride ourselves on providing fish in harmony with the natural world around us. Pure, clean fish from the crystal clear waters in the North. Those who have done it can attest – there’s no experience like fishing in the North! The remote Athabasca area is the least environmentally disturbed area in Saskatchewan, and the lakes a teem with fish that are the same as they were in our ancestors’ time. From the crystal clear waters where you can see fathoms deep, to the fresh, clean air, to the spectacular sunsets and Northern Lights…it’s an unforgettable experience we like to share with our visitors from around the world.

We are inspired to provide our natural, delicious, northern wild fish to the general public. To accomplish this, we adhere to the highest standards for cleanliness, building codes, and following or exceeding best business practices in our industry. The end result is a natural, quality product that not only tastes delicious, but also provides employment and economic development opportunities, and a sense of pride for our community.

We offer the best of northern, wild walleye, northern pike, lake trout, and whitefish products. Our fish are processed, vacuum packed, and quick frozen at lakeside to maintain a premium level of freshness, taste, and appearance. We maintain the highest standards for cleanliness, processing, refrigeration & shipping.

We’re proud of our fish and want to share it with the world!

northern wild fishery

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