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Northern Wild Fishery - Wild Frozen Fish Fillets: Walleye (priced per lb)

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We pride ourselves on providing fish in all their natural goodness. Pure, clean fish from the crystal clear waters in the North.

The remote area is the most environmentally untouched region in Saskatchewan. That makes it home to fish that are the same as they were hundreds of years ago. There are no hormones, no chemicals, no additives, and no preservatives. There is only ever one item in our ingredients list – natural, wild fish.

All our products are caught in the wild in the waters of Canada’s northern lakes, and we maintain the highest standards for cleanliness, preparation, refrigeration & freezing.

All portions individually vacuum packed.

Hand filleted and packed. 98% boneless.

Northern Wild Fishery

Fishing formed a large part of the way our community traditionally fed and sustained its members, for many generations. Our company is based Wollaston Lake, SK, a Densuline First Nation community on the shores of Wollaston Lake in Saskatchewan’s far north-east.


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