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Legacy of Worship: Sacred Places in Rural Saskatchewan - by by Margaret Hryniuk, Larry Easton, & Frank Korvemaker (Coteau Books)

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A spectacular full-colour coffee-table celebration of the places people have made to worship in Saskatchewan, and the stories of those who made them. This highly-anticipated companion volume to the best-selling Legacy of Stone: Saskatchewan's Stone Buildings combines brilliant colour images and fascinating accompanying text in profiles of over 60 rural churches, representing 15 spiritual denominations. The writer/photographer team that brought you the award-winning Legacy of Stone - Margaret Hryniuk, Frank Korvemaker and Larry Easton – has scoured the province for sacred places that illustrate the finest of Saskatchewan's art and design. Rural religious gathering places often display the work of folk artists and craftspeople, as well as that of professional artists and architects; they are the last repository of primitive art and such crafts as weaving, metal-smithing, needlework and furniture making. This book presents some of Saskatchewan's most interesting sacred places – places that illustrate how beauty in any form inspires and nurtures the soul. They demonstrate the universal, eternal need for art and beauty, and the importance of valuing and protecting the religious heritage so important to our identity and our proud place in Canada.

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