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About Us

Healthier for you and the environment!

SFC has conducted commercial fisheries feasibility studies since 2005 as part of Pacific Fisheries Reform – a Canadian government initiative to improve the viability of BC salmon fisheries. Under the Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative (PICFI), SFC has been exploring the viability of re-establishing commercial fisheries in upstream locations such as the Thompson River and Kamloops Lake.

RiverFresh salmon are carefully harvested, immediately iced and transported to government inspected processing plants. As part of our sustainability strategy, we use selective fishing practices that target only the healthy stocks, leaving the weaker ones unharmed to complete their life cycle. By purchasing our products, consumers are making a responsible and sustainable choice.

The Future

Our goal is to provide the highest quality salmon products in the most environmentally responsible way that we can. We are committed to continuously improving environmental sustainability in all our fisheries so that the resource can be sustained for future generations.

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