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Droolin' Devil Fine Foods - Hot Sauce: Mean Ass Mustard


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Uncle Big likes his sausage spicy!! That's why he created Droolin' Devil Mean Ass Mustard. It's got a great muted mustard taste with a wee bit of habanero heat. It's a great topper for hot dogs, bratwurst, hell use it on your eggs if you like. Let your imagination wander, but just make sure you eat lots and lots of it!!

Heat Scale: 7

Ingredients: Peri Peri peppers, Habanero peppers, dry mustard, onion, garlic, flake sea salt, lemon, lime and orange juice, tumeric, spanish paprika, vinegar.


Droolin' Devil Fine Foods

Droolin' Devil Fine Foods is a Canadian based manufacturer of premium hot sauces, salsas, condiments, and dried spice blends. Our attention to detail and small batch processing has...[READ MORE HERE]

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