Oatdeal - Oat Boost (300g)


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OAT-BOOST is a unique Smoothie & Yogurt Booster made to enhance fruits smoothies, Yogurt or shakes. The combination of Probiotics, Oats and Prebiotics aids in protein and nutrient ABSORPTION.

With no added sugars, sweeteners or flavors. Comes plain so as not to interfere with the added fruits or flavors.

Gluten free
Organic GF OATS "Ground" (Aid in your digestive health)
Probiotics Bc30 ( Survives the gastric passage 10 X better than leading probiotics)
Prebiotics "Inulin" (Improves gut flora)
Lactose free (Aid in your digestive health)
Sugar free (Aid in weight and glycemic control)
Sweetener free (Chemicals used on most sweeteners destroy gut flora)
Pea Protein 9g (Plant based protein with great amino acid profile)

80 Calories per serving
Studies have shown that improving the good-to-bad Bacteria ratio has a direct correlation to Protein & Nutrient Absorption and overall digestive Health"


Oatdeal is a Saskatoon based company that produces wheat free oat-based smoothies made with 100% Canadian oats and 100% Canadian dry skim milk and natural flavours. Owner, George Barreras,...[READ MORE HERE]

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