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Gary Barr was inspired to form Sweet Revenge after travelling extensively and noting how many thriving sweet shops there were in other countries. With a goal of creating something fresh, unique and original, Gary incorporate local ingredients like berries and locally-produced grains in old-fashioned European recipes he collected in his travels.

The business was born in 1994, and these superior products sold under the name BARRs. Today, the product line has grown from confections to specialty food items.

Sweet Revenge confections include fudge, old-fashioned sponge toffee, pecan toffee, caramels, an assortment of chocolate barks with unique ingredients and flavours and Belgian chocolates filled with creamy centres made from locally grown berries. It also includes the best peanut brittle you’ll ever taste!

Other specialty products include a full line of jams, jellies and syrups under the BARR brand. All are made with carefully-selected #1 berries to enhance flavour and appearance and make a true jam – not a spread! Our linen of ice cream and dessert toppings are traditionally manufactured with cream and butter that create a melt-in-your-mouth taste experience. Fruit toppings include BARRs Saskatoon berry, blue berry and strawberry that can be used as a topping or pie filling.

Many of our dessert toppings and pie fillings, including white chocolate topping, marshmallow, pineapple, raspberry, peanut butter and spiced apple topping,  are used in the bakery industry. Our line of unique gourmet foods and confections is constantly evolving to provide and maintain customer satisfaction.

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