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About Saskatchewan Egg Producers

X-110™ egg protein snacks are brought to you by the Saskatchewan Egg Producers. SEP is an organization that represents registered and regulated egg farmers in the province of Saskatchewan. In 2015, SEP farmers were responsible for over one million hens laying over 27 million eggs. We make sure these laying hens receive quality care in a clean and safe environment, that our farmers get fair returns, and that consumers get fresh, local, high-quality eggs.

About the Creation of X-110™

X-110™ egg protein snacks are the result of extensive research and development work for the egg industry at the Saskatchewan Food Development Centre at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. SEP has been a big supporter and investor in this R&D work for a number of years, exploring a variety of different options for the use of eggs and egg proteins in many different food products. X-110™ snacks are one of the most exciting inventions from this research, resulting in a high quality, tasty new use for natural egg whites. This kind of innovative diversification promises a long and healthy future for regulated egg producers in Saskatchewan.


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