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  1. Goods will be purchased outright at a wholesale price.
  2. SaskMade will send in a Purchase Order with each order. It is SaskMade's responsibility to order more products when needed.
  3. Products offered at wholesale price must not be offered to the public in a way that undercuts retail partnerships (having your products available at a significant price reduction if customers purchase from your website or directly from you).
  4. Any increase in wholesale cost from the vendor must be in written format, either an email or a letter, 30 days prior. In any situations SaskMade is invoiced with a difference cost without 30 days notice, SaskMade would proceed with payment based on a previous paid /negotiated cost price.
  5. All goods dropped off must have a packing slip.
  6. Invoices will be paid on the 30 day terms by cheque, unless otherwise agreed. Please ensure SaskMade has up to date contact information and mailing address.
  7. Upon receipt, any defective goods must be replaced by the vendor at no additional cost to SaskMade. Products are kept as proof, whenever possible, and returned to the vendor.
  8. Cross-promotion is encouraged between SaskMade and our vendors. SaskMade prioritizes planning sampling events, social media, digital content and media opportunities weekly, monthly and annually. As part of this collective effort vendors are asked to provide a $25 annual fee or donation of your products for an ongoing basis to support our promotions. Fees are invoiced for the 1st of July, unless alternative arrangements have been made with SaskMade Management. SaskMade will use publicly available promotional material, including logos, to educate consumers on vendors' products, unless otherwise requested. 
  9. It is at SaskMade's discretion to discontinue carrying any products.