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A Round for Fifty Years: A History of Regina's Globe Theatre - by Gerald Hill (Coteau Books)


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In celebration of its 50th Anniversary, this Globe Theatre history captures, in historical and contemporary photographs as well as in Gerald Hill’s accomplished storytelling, the struggles and the many victories of one of the most significant cultural institutions in Saskatchewan.

Founded in 1966 by Ken and Sue Kramer, the Globe Theatre was Saskatchewan’s first professional theatre company, and, to this day, remains the only professional theatre-in-the-round in Canada.

Inspired by their work with Brian Way’s theatre for children in London, England, the Kramers started the Globe as a touring company devoted to young audiences with a guiding philosophy of participation and access for all young people regardless of their location, economic means or initial interest in theatre. A program of six adult productions per season was soon developed as well. 

The Globe Theatre pioneered a playwright in residence program, featuring Rex Deverell, and the beginnings of professional theatre training in the province. Through the terms of its subsequent artistic directors, Susan Ferley and current director Ruth Smillie, it continues to offer high-quality performances to audiences, professional theatre training to artists and drama classes to children and adults.

Through it all, Globe principals have also been high-profile participants in the debates, the struggles and the development of the artistic community of the province as a whole.

This is, indeed, a social history to be remembered and celebrated.

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