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Bad Duck Caramel - Old Fashioned Caramel: Salted (80g)


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Traditional caramel with some sea salt added and then while it's cooling sprinkled with Fleur de Sel.  A smooth, salty crunch that makes the caramel taste bigger. MMMMMM.

Four simple ingredients + 2 hours of stirring butter, sugar, cane syrup, milk

Our caramel isn't cut and wrapped individually but poured in a slab and then cut into bars or slates.  When chilly you can smack (quack) the slate  and break it into chunks.  When warm it can be cut into pieces or just take a big bite.  Any way you eat it, you won't be speaking for awhile as you savour the flavour and texture of Bad Duck Caramel. 

We know that gourmet candy is dangerous business for someone with a nut allergy because Carmen has a severe tree nut allergy.  We never use tree nuts or peanuts in our candy kitchen so you can be confident that anyone with tree nut or peanut allergies will be safe eating Bad Duck Caramel. We do use butter, sugar, cane syrup and milk.  That's it.  (no gluten) We are perfectionists when it come to keeping our kitchen clean.  It is regularly inspected by the local health authority.

We think you'll love them.   Just Quack it!

Bad Duck Caramel

At Bad Duck Caramel we encourage you to seize the day;  To know that life is short and is meant to be delicious and fun.  We also believe that the best food is made with great ingredients you can pronounce, by people you know, in small batches. We love this caramel and are so excited to share it with you and your family and friends.


Bad Duck Caramel

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