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Etched in Lifestyle - YXE Plane T-Shirt

$30.00 CAD

The YXE design available is for those proud to be from Saskatoon and proud to wear it on their chest. The design is of a word cloud in the shape of an airplane with words that people from or familiar with Saskatoon can relate to. Show it off proudly and see how many of the words connect with you.

 Etched In Lifestyles Inc. is a company based around a trademarked saying that can be found on each t-shirt design, "It's Deeper Than That...". This concept stems from having a simple conversation with a man ABOUT a cup of coffee and how passionate he was about a simple daily thing that many people get in the drive-thru line up each morning to start their day. It was in that moment that I realized, not being a coffee drinker at the time, how intense people can be about something that means very little to someone else. But also, you're not alone!! Whether it's coffee, photography, movies, music, sports, art, the list goes one, you're not alone in what you are passionate about. 

The t-shirt designs available at SaskMade are made for people who have a passion about where they are from! T-shirt with designs inspired by Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. Shirts come in white and grey heathered, design colours vary. Please put what you'd prefer in the comments and we will do our best to meet your needs.