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Miss Hélène's Stupid Hot Sauce (375mL)


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If you must use this sauce, you do so at your own risk. May have you ironing your shoelaces.  Not recommended for children. Please keep fingers away from your eyes. Dairy products are recommended as a recovery tool.  We are not responsible for effects of use.

Miss Hélène’s Sauces, Dressings & Delectables

With roots in small town Saskatchewan, Miss Hélène's is all about bringing unique, Saskatchewan made flavours to your table. We say Miss Hélène's is "food's best friend" because Miss Hélène's isn't just one product for just one use. It's your go-to item. Miss Hélène's products are fantastic on your meats, on your salads, in your rice or noodles, in marinades...  Our products enhance your food, highlight the flavours already present and delight you with new and interesting flavour combinations. 


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