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Coteau Hills Creamery - Balkan Feta Style Cheese (200 g)

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*This product is refrigerated and available in-store only*

Our Balkan Style Feta is now ripened and ready and offered in 200g and 500g sizes. Be the first to be a part of cheese made right here in Moose Jaw, with Saskatchewan milk fresh from dairies in our surrounding community.

Our Balkan Style Feta is a softer, creamier cheese -- salty with a slightly lemony flavour profile. It's excellent on barbecued burgers or grilled salmon, with watermelon salads, and is an excellent addition to any summer recipe.

Coteau Hills Creamery

Kirby and Crystal have a simple philosophy when it comes to making cheese: create beautiful flavours from the best milk provided by our Saskatchewan dairies. Fresh is best.


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