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Delloy Pasta - Homestyle Spelt Noodles (454 g)


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 Spelt pasta is a delectable option for most who are on a low gluten diet. 

-Ancient grain, first cultivated in 5000 BC
-Low gluten content
-Easy to digest
-Often well tolerated by those sensitive to wheat
-more protein and crude fiber than wheat
-special carbs assisting in blood clotting
-stimulates immune system
-contains magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, thiamin and riboflavin
-10%-25% higher protein than wheat

Delloy Pasta

These are the old-fashioned egg noodles that Mennonites and Ukrainian people are familiar with. The method is simple: No additives or preservatives, only eggs, water and flour are mixed into 35 pound batches by an “ancient, but efficient mixer”... 

delloy pasta

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