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Diefenbaker Spice & Pulse - Lentils: Red Whole (4 lb)


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Also know as: Brown lentil, Lentille, Lense, Lenteige, Adas, Masoor, Mercimek, Saabat Masoor, Desi Masoor, Masoor Matki, or Crimson.

Whole Red Lentils are 1/2 cm wide with a mild, earthy flavor and soft texture. These lentils are brownish on the outside and deep orange red colour on the inside. Whole Red Lentils are tiny lens-shaped pulses which have traditionally been used as a meat substitute. (A pulse is the dried seed of any legume, such as beans and peas. Lentils are the seed of a small shrub and are dried after harvesting.) Lentils have been eaten for over 8,000 years and originated in South-western Asia along the Indus River. They are a staple food for many South Asian cultures.

Trans-Fat Free, Non-GMO, Rich in Fiber, and by its nature Gluten Free

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