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Fun on the Farm ... True Tales of Farm Life - by Deana J. Driver (DriverWorks Ink)


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Compiled and Edited by Deana J. Driver

Overturned outhouses, slough-stomping to bring in ornery milk cows, an accidental fire, and misinterpreted hand signals during harvest are among the hilarious adventures captured in this collection of short stories and poems by Prairie writers. The pranks, plights, and pleasures of living and working on the farm come to the forefront through this delightful book immortalizing some of the unplanned yet comical events experienced on family farms across Western Canada and beyond.

DriverWorks Ink

DriverWorks Ink specializes in publishing inspiring, true stories about Saskatchewan and Prairie people and unsung Canadian heroes, written by Saskatchewan and Prairie authors. Our books include genres of non-fiction, fiction, humour, poetry, spiritual wellness, and more.


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