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Ghost Voyages - by Cora Taylor (Coteau Books)


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It all started when Jeremy opened that stamp book that his great grandmother sent. He picked up the magnifying glass for a quick look, and the next thing he knew, he was standing on the deck of the ship! And it wasn't just one stamp that worked, it happened again. His first trip is to a paddlewheel steamer called The Northcote, which just happens to be in the middle of a battle during the Northwest Rebellion. On his next trip, aboard a ship called The Nonsuch, he's sailing through the icy waters of Hudson Bay.

Jeremy realizes that he really is a "ghost" on these trips - he is invisible, although he can touch and move things - which only adds to the sailors' already-powerful suspicions about ghosts. Also, his real body stays at home, holding a magnifying glass, looking at a stamp, while he's off travelling.

When his great-grandmother tells him that an ancestor was saved by a "ghostly hand", Jeremy is astonished. But when he hears that his great-grandfather used to spend hours bent over the same stamp book, just staring through the magnifying glass, his head really starts to spin!

Cora Taylor has created a gripping adventure story rich with details about events in Canadian history. Coteau Books is pleased to bring this popular historical novel back into print after an eight-year absence.

Coteau Books

Coteau Books is a Saskatchewan cooperative that in 2015 celebrates 40 years of publishing the very best of Canadian fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry, children's and YA books.


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