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Hee-Haw Horserad!sh - Horserad!sh: Double Damn Hot (250 mL)


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Boom! There it is, as they say. The hot one. Double Damn Hot to be sure. But this isn't some cruddy heat seeking thrill ride you dare your friends to eat. All the premium ingredients of the original come shining through in this Double Damn Hot Horseradish - and yes, it's truly freaking hot! The perfect accompaniment to the choicest cuts of meat.   

Hee-Haw is Canada’s First Premium, All Natural, One Year Shelf Stable Damn Hot Horseradish.

Unlike other jarred horseradishes...Hee-Haw has NO MUCK! Enjoy the true taste and Damn Hot finish of Hee-Haw All Natural Horseradish.

Small batch, artisan-crafted and handmade Hee-Haw HorseRadish is hotter, thicker and better tasting than any other horseradish you've ever had before.

Refrigerate after opening to maintain the zesty heat you crave.

INGREDIENTS: Horseradish root (peeled and washed) vinegar, water, Sunflower Oil, honey (pasteurized) apple cider vinegar, ground mustard, sea salt, xanthan gum, mustard seed oil.

Hee-Haw Horsrad!sh

Hee-Haw HorseRadish is small-batch / handmade in Victoria BC and comes in Damn Hot & Double Damn Hot varieties because we know HOT is what Real Horseradish Lovers CRAVE & DEMAND! Even our Damn Hot SeaHorseRadish Cocktail Sauce will singe your nose hairs. Hee-Haw DELIVERS on Heat, Taste and 100% Premium Quality! 


hee haw horseradish

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