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NorQuin - Golden Quinoa Flour (400 g)


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This is a wonderful and versatile naturally gluten-free flour. NorQuin Golden Quinoa is milled into a fine flour, packaged and ready for cooking! Use it in any baking recipe or as a thickener for soups and stews. Add quinoa's wonderful nutritional values to any dish!

NorQuin Golden, our signature quinoa variety, is locally grown in Western Canada. This product, which is nutritionally similar to imported quinoa varieties has the following features:

- Contains all nine essential amino acids

- Great flavour profile.  Distinct sweet, nutty flavour. 

- Low glycemic index relative to brown rice and other grains

- Produced through sustainable farming practices in North America

- Pre-washed and ready to cook

- Registered non GMO 

- Kosher certified 

- Traceability 

Northern Quinoa Corp

While there may be no mountains in Saskatchewan; agriculture is a very important and prosperous industry in the Canadian province.  The cool and dry climate of Northern Saskatchewan in particular, has a lot of similarities to the regions of South America where quinoa has traditionally grown.




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