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Petrofka Orchard - Apple Cider Vinegar

$9.25 CAD

Our Apple Cider Vinegar is made of “No Pesticide Applied” prairie apple, aged the artisan’s way.  The soft cider is fermented into an alcoholic drink using only the natural process of the apple. The second process, where the “Mother of Vinegar” turns the alcoholic drink into acetic acid (which is vinegar) can take up to one year. It is a slow but natural process.

Our apple cider vinegar usually is at a level of 5.4% acetic acid. It is said that, people using apple cider vinegar for all the health benefit claims, are or should be using unpasteurized ACV that are between 5% and 7% acetic acid and a vinegar that has “Mother of Vinegar” in it.

It is unpasteurized but goes through a light filtration to remove any light particles that may have entered the cider during the process. This filtration gives you the clarity you need to see the deposit called “Mother of Vinegar” which forms at the bottom of a 100% pure cider vinegar. This is why we chose a clear glass bottle. This gelatin like substance is a guarantee of authenticity.

Petrofka Orchard

Petrofka Orchard is an apple orchard and vegetable farm located just 40 minutes north of Saskatoon. Our goal is to produce fresh, healthy...[READ MORE HERE]