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Rink Ratz (Hockey Card Game)


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Rink Ratz is an authentic hockey experience in a unique card game format. It is easy to learn, challenging to play and entertaining for all ages. The unique game mechanics create an innovative and strategic game with 3 levels of play: Rookie, Junior and Pro. Rink Ratz is a fast-paced game with breakaways, power plays, miraculous saves and much more. Rink Ratz is very portable and can be played anywhere. Once you learn to play Rink Ratz you will be able to play a game in under 20 minutes or a seven game “Family Championship” series in under 2 hours.

Rink Ratz

Rink Ratz is the first game designed by The East-West Game Company. We are four educators from Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia with backgrounds in music, physical education, psychology, guidance and early childhood literacy. Our collective philosophy on game design is to create a game that families and friends can play together. 


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