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Santa Fe Foods - Sour Cherry Chelish (350 mL)


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This Santa Fe Chelish sauce is similar to a sweet onion relish, but cannot be called relish, because it has no salt. Use Chelish on hamburgers and hotdogs, but don't stop there! It's a great condiment on cold cut sandwiches, adds a nice touch to a meatloaf, and is a great base for many sauces and salad dressings. Your imagination is your limit!

All Santa Fe Sauces are salt and gluten-free, with no preservatives or colour added.

Santa Fe Foods

Cam has been growing cherries in southwest Saskatchewan since 1998. He decided to take his orchard a step farther, and on the day that he decided to start making sauces, he saw a train go by his orchard with ‘Santa Fe’ written on the boxcar – hence the original name of this prairie company. Cam started with two sauces made from the Carmine Jewel cherry – a variety developed at the University of Saskatchewan. A rib and wing sauce and a prairie take on traditional chutney are the beginnings of a company that we’re all keeping our eyes on.


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