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Santa Fe Foods - Sour Cherry Rib and Wing Sauce (350 mL)


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This sauce was Santa Fe Foods' first big hit! A great tasting sauce on its own, but also adds great flavour when mixed with any BBQ sauce. Who would have thought that the same sauce you use on good old game day ribs and wings could also be used on burgers, chicken, sausage, hot dogs, smokies, steaks, chili, omelets, marinades, soups, and more?Your imagination is your limit!

All Santa Fe Sauces are salt and gluten-free, with no preservatives or colour added.

Santa Fe Foods

Cam has been growing cherries in southwest Saskatchewan since 1998. He decided to take his orchard a step farther, and on the day that he decided to start making sauces, he saw a train go by his orchard with ‘Santa Fe’ written on the boxcar – hence the original name of this prairie company. Cam started with two sauces made from the Carmine Jewel cherry – a variety developed at the University of Saskatchewan. A rib and wing sauce and a prairie take on traditional chutney are the beginnings of a company that we’re all keeping our eyes on.


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