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The Garlic Box - Relish: Garlic with Scapes (250 mL)


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Prepared with hand picked Ontario garlic scapes, this traditional sweet, garlic relish delivers premium flavour for the hot dog/ hamburg connoisseur and is an ideal condiment added to creamy potato salad, sandwich fillings or served with cold fish.

Ingredients: garlic scapes, zucchini, sugar, white vinegar, garlic, onion, red pepper, green pepper, spices. After resting under a blanket of snow in Ontario's fertile farm land, the garlic scape is a tender shoot that bolts from the garlic plant. One per plant, each scape is hand-snapped in early spring to preserve the optimum in flavour & tenderness.

250 ml/8.4 fl oz

The Garlic Box

Our family-run business grows, develops and manufactures premium foods made with Ontario grown garlic, processing more than 50,000lbs of fresh garlic per year. Ontario garlic is prized for its superior health benefits and flavour.


the garlic box

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