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Where Does Your Cat Nap? - by Jean Freeman (Your Nickel's Worth Publishing)


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Each cat in this story makes its own decision about the best place to snuggle down for a well-deserved rest. And we discover that love and belonging and feeling protected are important for both children and pets.

This simple book, written in rhyming cou-plets, describes the favourite place that cats like to nap. Is it on ice? No! Is it in a stinky box filled with smelly socks? No! Is it in the cuddy, cozy lap of the one they love best? Of course!

The soft cartoon illustrations relay all the different sorts of places cats might nap, and all different sorts of cats as well.

This is a simple book and best suited for younger students, not older ones.

However, younger students may need some help to understand why the cats are different from page to page, while the text refers to a single cat throughout. Cats really do love to nap in all sorts of strange places, while other animals aren't always so versatile.

This book can provoke many classroom discussions about pets and where different pets sleep, as well as animals in general. Horses sleep standing up, and bats upside down. Kids love these kinds of facts. In addition, discussions and stories can be developed about where the students themselves like to nap, too!

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