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Whistler Chocolate - Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Bar (80g)


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34% Cacao, 100% Perfection

Made with fresh roasted organic hazelnuts from the Frazer Valley in British Columbia.

All our bars are 100% certified organic and have eco-friendly packaging.  The cocoa beans used in our chocolate are from organic cocoa farms in the Dominican Republic and we use the finest organic hazelnuts from British Columbia and organic almonds from California.

Ingredients: Organic milk chocolate (organic sugar, organic whole milk powder, organic cocoa butter, organic cocoa mass, organic soya lecithin), organic hazelnuts.  May contain other tree nuts and peanuts.
Whistler Chocolate was founded in November 2006 by adventure and chocolate loving Whistlerites. The goal was to combine our love of chocolate with our love for the Whistler lifestyle. We wanted to provide good quality organic chocolate for Whistler visitors and residents alike and at the same time infusing the fun and joyful lifestyle of Whistler in our packaging. And it worked! Whistler Chocolate has now become a favourite among the Whistler folks and very popular as a souvenir/gift with Whistler visitors.

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