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Wildly Delicious - Gourmet Ketchup: Spiced Ancho Chili (212 mL)


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Who are we to mess around with the Holy Grail of condiments? Well, we were inspired to develop more natural products with a fresh spin on flavour. We are confident you will be pleasantly surprised with these spoonable Ketchups. No need to bang the bottle, or to wait patiently for the slow drip of this ultimate condiment. Our spoonable Ketchups are free of preservatives and artificial colors resulting in a rich, dark condiment every French fry will appreciate.

Unit Size: 212 mL, 7.2 US fl oz

INGREDIENTS: Tomato paste, water, white vinegar, red wine vinegar, Jalapeno pepper puree (red jalapeno peppers, salt, acetic acid), molasses, brown sugar, white sugar, sea salt, lemon juice concentrate, ancho chili pepper, garlic, xanthan gum, spices.

• Refrigerate after opening. Stir well before serving
• Contains: Sulphites. May contain mustard, sesame, wheat, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs, fish.
• Made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients

Wildly Delicious

In the past two decades we have seen our share of some huge successes and some really spectacular failures but more importantly, we have learned so much about something that is so fundamental to our basic existence – food. 


wildly delicious

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