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Aumack Haskap Ranch - Haskap Topping (375 mL)


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Enjoy the unique flavour of the haskap berry in this sweet, tangy topping. Great on cake, ice cream, or pancakes! 

What is HASKAP?

It is also known as “Blue Honeysuckle, Honeyberry, Edible Honeysuckle and Sweetberry honeysuckles.” Most people mistakenly group haskap as a new type of blueberry but haskap’s closest fruit relation is the tomato.

Indulge in Healthiness

No other fruit is like a haskap. They have such a unique flavour, color and texture. Most people describe the flavour as sweet with a tangy kick. The skin melts in your mouth and the seeds are not noticeable. The color of the juice is a decadent navy blue. The blooms can withstand -8 degrees of frost and the fruit ripens about the same time as strawberries.

The fruit has a sweet tangy zing flavour that most people say is a cross between a blueberry, raspberry and black currant. The berries have extreme high levels of antioxidants – even higher than blueberries. Because of its nutritional value, the Haskap berry has long been known by the ancient Japanese as ‘the fruit of Life longevity and Fruit of vision’. It is a fruit that holds a high nutritional value and tastes wonderfully sweet. 


Aumack Haskap Berry Ranch

Our first Haskap berry seedlings were planted in 2008 and we currently have 1000 Haskaps. We have chosen the value-added approach by producing our own products such as spreads and syrups. The...[READ MORE HERE]

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