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Emily (CEO/Owner) is a Food Lover who is extremly passionate about local food production. She is committed to bringing healthy, quality food to her own table and to yours. Through her involvement in SaskMade Marketplace she is pursuing her additional goals of helping the next generation to understand where their food comes from, supporting local producers and contributing to the local economy.
Julie (Manager) was born and raised on a family farm west of Saskatoon. She and her sister own a snack bar business using Saskatchewan produced grains, pulses and berries. At the same time, she is one of the owners of a larger scale business which involves local chefs and food businesses. Julie has brought us valuable knowledge and connections within Saskatoon and Saskatchewan, which help us to reach our goal of supporting local food production in a meaningful way.
Michaela (Assistant Manager) grew up in a small agriculture town, Birch Hills SK, always enjoyed cattle and grain farming with her family. She loves Saskatchewan for our hot summer season and how our communities thrive together to give back to our economy. On her spare time, you will find her at the lake with her family.
Jenni (Culinary Consultant) joined our team after nearly a decade of shopping at SaskMade marketplace as a chef customer. Her knowledge of Saskatchewan food runs deep and she has great respect for farmers and producers. In addition, she believes the finest ingredients in the world are grown right here on the Prairies and in the northern forests where she was born and raised. As an award winning chef and champion of local foods, Jenni oversees our sampling program and special projects. She is always on the hunt for new items to add to our shelves.

Marilee (Basket Artist / Sales Specialist) was born and raised in the rural area around Assiniboia in southern Saskatchewan. She worked as a Registered Medical Technologist in the Microbiology department at Saskatoon City Hospital and She was a Professional Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator with Saskatoon Health Region until retirement. Always interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy, fresh food, learning new skills and supporting local producers and business.

Marilee’s passions include spending quality time with family and with extended family and friends; travelling the world and experiencing adventures like gliding, white water rafting, parasailing, ziplining. No matter where or how far the journey or adventure Marilee is always happy to return to the beauty of Saskatchewan and Canada.


Ali (Sales Specialist) grew up in Birch Hills Saskatchewan. She loves Saskatchewan for the amount of agriculture and all the locals we can support while doing our everyday grocery shopping. When Ali isn’t working at SaskMade she is working towards her Social Work degree and spending her time outdoors at the lake.